Honda HRX217VLA – One of The Best Honda Lawn Mowers?


 Honda HRX217VLA is the leading lawn mower in the series of functions as well as durability in operation. We do not need to doubt Honda's trustworthiness through the achievements they have achieved in the market over the years.

 But do you know what are the strengths of this product? Is it suitable for your yard? Or the bad reviews about it are expressed in what aspects? We will help you answer all these questions in today's article.

In-Depth Reviews for Honda HRX217VLA Walk Behind Lawn Mower

 First, let's take a look at the specifications of this lawn mower, partly to see in the design its outstanding advantages compared to other machines of the same type.


  • Manufacturer: Honda

  • Power: Gas Powered

  • Weight: 95 Pounds

  • Deck Width: 21 inches

  • Positions of Cutting Heights: 7

  • Drive System: Self-Propelled


  • 4-in-1 Features: allow you to choose options: mulching, bagging, side discharge, and leaf shredding options and choice to start it in two different ways.  Especially with the function of leaf shredding, the fallen leaves will be collected and processed quickly without having to use leaf blowers. All functions are integrated into the machine so you don't need tools or accessories when changing the mowing function.


  • NeXite Deck: Made of 100% polymer material to resist dents, rust, and corrosion with lasting durability. Advantages over other common flooring types in terms of durability, weight, and ease of control when cutting at the edge of the wall or corners.

Honda 664100 GCV200 Versamow System 4-in-1 21 in. Walk Behind Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Twin Blades


  • The MicroCut Twin Blade: will create small crumbs that increase the quality of the mulching. In addition, it also helps you maximize the volume of the grass bag when the grass is shred.


  • Electric Start: easy to start with Auto Choke System


  • Self-Propelled Mode: is set on the Honda Select Drive control panel integrated with the handlebar, you just need to turn the knob to select the right speed for you (up to 4 mph).



  • Before use, it is necessary to check the overall machine.

  • After using, pay attention to cleaning the parts that are covered by grass or rock during the cutting process. Especially the area below – where it is in direct contact with the soil

  • Change the oil periodically to keep the engine running in top condition. Attention should be paid to some parts such as oil filter, spark plugs, drive cables, etc … to promptly replace when damaged to help avoid unnecessary accidents during operation.

  • Following the regular maintenance schedule will help you benefit from the maintenance policies when the product has problems


  • Easy to store

  • Powerful engine

  • Large capacity grass catcher bag

  • Quiet when mowing

  • Mulching feature well


  • Plastic wheels

  • Expensive

What To Consider Before Choosing A Gas Lawn Mower?

 Normally, gas-powered lawn mowers mainly serve large yards, so you need to consider the following important factors if you do not want to waste the machine's resources as well as your money.


 The engine is the most critical factor of a gas lawn mower, it acts as the heart that operates the machine. It is especially important for machines with self-propelled mode, the power of the engine will govern for 2 purposes: rotating the blade and providing power for the mower to move


 Usually, the engine capacity from 140cc to 160cc is suitable for most large yards as well as the operating modes of the machine. Besides, the capacity of a push lawn mower may be slightly lower.


 Most gasoline lawn mowers are extremely durable. They can work in all kinds of harsh conditions and still maintain stable performance. You just need to pay attention to the maintenance and replacement of spare parts when using them for a long time.


 Also, pay attention to the material of the product. Durable materials such as alloy steel are always the first choice in choosing to buy products.

Electric Start

 Pulling a starter rope when starting will make you uncomfortable when the weather becomes cold, and the engine will be difficult to warm up. You can just use all your strength to pull and pray it will work. But for the electric start, you only need a small operation that is to press the button, the machine will automatically be activated.


 This feature is very useful in mowing the lawn if you want to stop to do something like pick up branches and throw them away. After returning, you only need to press a button, the machine will continue to work immediately after that without having to pull.


Mode of operation

 There are 2 modes: push and self-propelled lawn mower


  1. Push: suitable for small and medium yards when the workload is light. In addition, it will be suitable for lightweight lawn mowers because you will not feel tired when pushing them.
  2. Self-propelled: suitable for large yards, you will have to spend hours mowing the lawn and the self-propelled function will save you some of your efforts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Should We Change our Gas Lawn Mower Oil?

 Each year, the grass will grow the most in the summer, when all conditions of water and light are perfect and this is also the time when you use the lawn mower the most.

 After each use cycle, your mower will be stored in the warehouse for a long time and not used. You should change the engine oil and oil filters with new ones after 1 year of use.

 Regarding the use process, as we learn, after 60 hours of operation, you have to change the engine oil once to ensure good performance for the mower.


2. What is the most important part of the lawn mower needs to be maintained after the long running time?

 You need to pay special attention to the motor of the lawn mower

 The parts that need to be checked and replaced after using for a long time are spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, radiator fan, belt, and engine oil.

 In particular, it is important to pay attention to oil changes and regular maintenance when using time, it will be warranted by the manufacturer if the lawn mower has a problem.


3. How long do most gas lawn mowers last?

 The average life of a gasoline lawn mower is 6 to 8 years with proper maintenance and replacement. It is also calculated by the number of operating hours in a number of different manufacturers. In addition, the life of the lawn mower also depends a lot on how you use it

Final Thought

 In conclusion, Honda is famous for making machines with durability and high performance. Honda HRX217VLA is a comprehensive machine. This is a mower in the premium segment so its price may be slightly higher than similar products but it is definitely worth the money you spend. We can see the highlights of the product through the above analysis. I'm sure you've got your options.

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