The 9 Best Greenworks Lawn Mowers for Every Kind of Yard


With today's technology, GreenWorks has provided many models of battery-powered and corded electric lawn mowers that are as powerful as gas-powered lawn mowers without the noise. You can feel the convenience when using it, which saves the atmosphere clean around you.

Our Top Picks

To suit each type of yard, we have given the most optimal choices below, hoping to help you find the best electric lawn mowers for your yard.


Reviews – Top 3 The Best Greenworks Lawn Mowers

We have shortened the list to bring out the best products in each segment, our best overall is:

1. Greenworks Pro 80-Volt 21-inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower


  • Power Source: 80V 4.0Ah battery

  • Mowing Width: 21 Inches

  • Maximum run time:  60 mins

  • Type: Push

  • Feature:  Mulch, Rear Bag, and Side-Discharge.


  • The brushless motor helps the machine to operate stably and without making noise when mowing. In addition, the product life is longer and requires less maintenance than gas lawn mowers.

  • Long-running time and a mowing width of up to 21 inches help you finish the job quickly.

 7- position

  • Easy to start by pushing a button and adjustable 7- position of the height by only a single lever.


  • Self-propelled mode is not available on this device yet.

  • Heavyweight.


2. Greenworks 40-Volt 17-inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower


  • Power Source: 40-V

  • Mowing Width: 17 Inch

  • Run time: 45 mins

  • Type: Push

  • Feature: Mulch, and Rear Bag


  • This lawn mower is suitable for small and medium-sized yards. Mowing long distances without corded- electric in long running time.

24v batteries

  • Easy to use with 6 positions of height adjustment with a single lever built into the mower's body.

  • The price is not expensive and suitable for most households.

  • Lightweight easy to move in small areas.


  • There is no side discharge feature and the charging time takes over 2 hours to fully charge, so the amount of work to be completed must be considered in order to not be interrupted.


3. Greenworks 10-Amp 16-Inch Corded Mower


  • Power Source: 10-Amp

  • Mowing Width: 16 Inch

  • Type: Push

  • Feature: Mulch, and Rear bag


  • Large wheel radius along with light weight make the mower easy to push and move through difficult terrain.

  • Adjust 5 positions of height to allow you can cut to your idea.


  • Easily change from rear bagging mode to mulching mode with just 1 operation.


  • When starting up, you need to do many operations that make the customer feel uncomfortable.

  • The capacity of the catcher bag is a bit small, so you have to empty them regularly.


How To Maintain An Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower?

1. Clean the generator and engine

This is an important part of the lawn mower, they provide energy for operation, so maintenance is very important. Make sure you have completely disconnected the power before cleaning. Use a brush or specialized cleaning to clean.

Clean the generator and engine


2. Blade maintenance

Regular blade maintenance will help you get high working efficiency. Especially for the yards, with uneven terrain many rocks, and branches when touching will cause the blade to wear out, making the cut not clean.

Blade maintenance


3. Lubrication

Helps lubricate contact surfaces to limit friction and dirt that cause unnecessary damage to the lawn mower. Applying too much lubricant will damage metal parts. Use a container of lubricants and apply them to the wheels and other moving parts of the mower.


4. Battery maintenance and replacement

Depending on the conditions of use, you must pay special attention to the life of the battery. Depending on the type of battery will have a different lifespan. Pay attention to the water level and battery terminals, if corroded they should be replaced.


5. Proper storage

Store the cutter in a dry place, away from direct exposure to high temperatures as the battery may explode. Places with high humidity will cause metal parts to corrode. For corded lawn mowers, the power plug sockets must be tightly sealed.

Proper storage

Leaving the lawn mowers outdoors in cold temperatures or in snow can reduce the durability of the plastic material. Keeping the lawn mower in the right place will help prolong its life and achieve higher efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How last of the lawn mower battery?

Normally, the life of the battery will be about 3-4 years. Depending on your usage needs as well as operating conditions the lifespan can be extended or shortened.


2. How to untangle the electric cords?

The best method to prevent tangles is to use the tangle-free cords that are sold with the corded lawn mower or purchased outside. In addition, when moving to another location, you should switch the plug to collect the cord.


3. What are the cheapest electric lawn mower brands?

You can consider some brands such as Ego Power+, Sun Joe, and Worx. They are all prestige and quality manufacturers in the market. The inexpensive product segment is researched and produced by these manufacturers.



For an environmentally friendly development, we should aim to clean energy sources in our daily use, and electricity is the most appropriate energy source at the moment. We believe that GreenWorks with its lawnmowers will be the best choice for your family. Your children can also push the Greenworks 40-Volt 17-inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower to help you make the mowing job easier.

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