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Best EGO Lawn Mowers


On the market today, there are many famous names of battery-powered lawn mowers such as Greenworks, RYOBI, Sun Joe, etc… Each manufacturer has its own strengths. They can be as powerful as gas-powered lawn mowers, lawn mowers with many functions, or simply cheap lawn mowers that are highly competitive.

In this article, we will introduce to you a special name in the segment of battery-powered lawn mowers which is EGO Power+. The best EGO lawn mowers with extreme durability and a range of outstanding innovations to satisfy your needs.

Our Top Choices

Here are our best choices, surely one of them is what you are looking for:

In-Depth Reviews for Top 4 The Best Products of EGO Power Lawn Mowers 2023

Here are some of our detailed analyses about some of our top picks after many tests and listening from users:

1. EGO Power+ LM2142SP 56-Volt Battery Self-Propelled Lawn Mower



  • Drive Mode: Self-Propelled

  • Material: ABS Plastic & Aluminium

  • Power Type: Battery

  • Deck Size: 21 Inches

  • Weight: 62 Pounds

  • Product Size: 61.61"D x 22.92"W x 46.46"H


  • Folding compact

  • Long-running time

  • Quick and easy to start

  • Quiet of running


  • Some plastic parts

Product Summary

If you mistakenly think that gasoline-powered lawn mowers always have a stronger amount of power when compared to battery-powered lawn mowers, you should reconsider because during our product testing, EGO Power+ LM2142SP 56-Volt Battery Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has shocked us with their overwhelming power.

PeakPower technology and brushless motors are key to their outstanding power. Even commercial gas lawn mowers are beaten by it and their performance is comparable to those of Honda HRX models.

Adjustable self-propelled speed is a great advantage of this model, you can control from 0.9 mph – 3.1 mph depending on your needs. Up to 80 minutes on a single charge when using dual batteries, they are made to service large yards and handle long and tall grasses.

Possessing all the necessary functions such as mulching, bagging, side discharge, and 6 positions of height adjustment when mowing.

In addition, the height of the handle can be adjusted to suit each age when in use and can be folded for neater storage.


2. EGO Power+ LM2021 56-Volt Battery Push Lawn Mower


  • Drive Mode: Push

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Power Type:  Battery 

  • Deck Size: 20 Inches

  • Weight: 55 Pounds

  • Product Size: 58.07"D x 57.5"W x 46.24"H


  • Easy to set up

  • Easy to start

  • Durable steel deck

  • Quiet running


  • The grass box is difficult to clean

Product Summary

 This is the toughest-built lawn mower model as it is made entirely of alloy steel. The sturdy construction makes the lawn mower durable in all weather conditions.

You will feel uncomfortable because it is a push lawn mower but it is definitely suitable for small yards with a limited budget.

 In this segment, all functions such as mulch, catch bag, and side discharge are fully equipped. Especially, the 20-inch deck is made of alloy steel, which always creates confidence for long distances.

 Running time is up to 60 minutes, but it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge with fast charging technology and a brushless motor that provides superior power to the lawnmower while helping you work more efficiently.


3. EGO Power+ LM2000-S 56-Volt Battery Walk Behind Lawn Mower 



  • Drive Mode: Push 

  • Power Type: Battery

  • Deck Size: 20 Inches

  • Weight: 56 Pounds

  • Product Size: 37.4"D x 21.65"W x 16.14"H

  • Fast charging 

  • Long-running time

  • The handle can be folded for storage 


  • The height adjustment system needs to upgrade

Product Summary

EGO Power+ LM2000-S is as powerful as gas-powered lawn mowers. All thanks to the large capacity engine and high torque providing power at 3300 rpm.

One-button start makes it easier for users to manipulate instead of pulling cords like conventional machines

Although in the affordable segment, the LM 2000 S still has 3 full functions of co-payment of land and commune to help you easily perform your purposes.

 The LM 2000-S is equipped with LED lights that make it possible to mow your lawn at any time of the day. And especially they do not need to be assembled because it is already done before delivery.


4. EGO Power+ ZT4204L 42" Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower



  • Drive Mode: Riding

  • Power Type: Battery 

  • Deck Size: 42 Inches

  • Weight: 450 Pounds

  • Product Size: 11.8"D x 43.3"W x 31.5"H

  • Fast charging 

  • Powerful engine

  • Adjustable comfortable seat 

  • Information clearly displayed on the dashboard


  • Difficult to clean

Product Summary

Powered by 6 ARC Lithium batteries for outstanding capacity and able to complete 2-3 acres in a charge, fast charge technology fully charges includes 4 batteries in 2 hours saving time and completing the work faster.

4 independent brushless motors provide tremendous power for the riding mower during difficult terrain travel and high-quality mowing performance.

Their power is equivalent to a gas-riding mower, so it is not difficult to understand that EGO Power+ ZT4204L is the perfect choice in this segment.

Information is displayed on the LCD panel with 3 different driving modes: Control, Standard, and Sport allowing you to customize according to your preferences. All are controlled through clearly annotated buttons, so it is very easy to operate.

In addition to the safety LED, this machine is also equipped with a USB, Bluetooth, and charging port that allows you to use it right when sitting on it and mowing the lawn.

About EGO Power+ ZT4204L, we can only talk through their highlights, but for a detailed evaluation, see you in the following articles.

EGO Battery Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

We often mow grass in the summer, when plants and grass developed very strongly. They grow higher and tougher, so the lawn mowers must work more. The lawn mower is effective only it needs to be in tip-top shape. Maintaining the gas lawn mower is usually more sophisticated and more expensive than the battery lawn mower. However, you still need basic maintenance to make the mower keep the best state for next season

Here are some of the tasks that we have done to ensure our lawn mowers will work well next season:


Cleaning deck and undercarriage

During the mowing process, the grass clippings will be caked undercarriage. You can't avoid this so what we can do is clean them after use. Use plastic brushes or deck scrapers. Do not use the pressure washer because it can rust the inner metal parts


Use lubricant

Lubricate or spray on metal contact points such as wheel axes. Avoid the metal that is rusty when not used for a long time, affecting the operation process


Sharpe the blade

The sharpness of the blade has a big role in the effective operation of the lawn mower. The blade sharpness will create quality cuts and ensure the health of the grass. Use bench grinders or specialized tools. But you have to remove the blade from the lawn mower before grinding


Overall test

During operation, the lawn mower will create a lot of vibration. This leads to parts such as bolts or fasteners loose causing much noise and especially reducing the durability of the mower. Use specialized tools to tighten them


Clean battery and battery compartment

Remove grass clippings that stick to corners, especially the contact points of the battery and the device. You can use the blower to clean


Battery storage

The batteries are the most important part of battery lawn mowers. They provide the main energy for the entire operation of the mower. Replacing new batteries will cost a lot of money, so keep them well.



1. Can EGO lawn mowers cut tough grass?

The ego lawn mower is equipped with huge energy from lithium batteries for high capacity and is specialized to handle coarse and tough grasses.


2. How long does an EGO  lawn mower last?

The lifespan is from 6 to 8 years depending on the maintenance and way to use. Replace the battery when necessary to achieve the best performance.


3. Should we charge the ego even if it does not out of batteries

When the batteries haven't been out of energy, please fully charge them for the next use. In the case of next season, you should fully charge the battery before storing them in suitable places. Avoid exhausting the battery, then you need to start the battery with jumper cables so that it will work again.


Final Thought

 The EGO lawn mower goes beyond what you'd expect. In general, they are slightly more expensive than similar lines in the same segment, but besides that, you can still access more affordable models like the EGO Power+ LM2000-S 56-Volt Battery Walk Behind Lawn, which still meets your needs. You should consider the conditions of your home turf to choose the most suitable machine for you.

 If you have any questions, please send us a message to be answered in the next articles!

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