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Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Under $100 for Small Yard & Garden


In our review of the best corded electric lawn mowers under $100, we focus on a detailed review of the outstanding advantages and give you the best overview of the product.

corded electric lawn mowers
To have a thorough review of each product, we have based on the reviews of many users and through many tests, hoping to help you choose the good lawn mowers for your garden.
At this price point, we focus only on product details such as ease of assembly, overall design, capacity, maneuverability, features, safety, and core values of the product. Stay tuned for more details.

How to Choose The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower for Small Lawn

You may think that mowing requires the use of big and multifunction lawn mowers to be highly effective. But in reality, this is a silly thought. 

Choosing a lawn mower that is suitable for your yard will help you eliminate unnecessary features, besides, if you own a small and medium-sized yard, the choice of mowers electric grass would be perfect.

There are many different models, and finding the best electric lawn mower for your garden can be a daunting task. Below are some advices that has been put together to help you make the best decision for you.


Lawn Mower Mowing Width

  • Larger mowing width can help you get the job done faster by shortening the number of rounds.
  • From the electric lawn mowers I tested, to be suitable for small yards, the cutting width ranges from 13 to 15 inches. This is a suitable width to help you easily weave into narrow areas or easily change your course when meeting a corner.
  • This is also a determining factor in the price of lawn mowers. The larger the size, the higher the price.
  • If your garden is small with lots of trees and flower beds, a smaller cutting width will be more maneuverable.


Lawn Mower Mowing Height 

  • All lawn mowers are equipped with a system to change the cutting height. They depend on each manufacturer's design. Some have 3 height positions to choose from, others can have up to 8.
  • With owning a small garden, mowing becomes more careful. We recommend that you choose machines whose height is annotated with specific numbers where the height changes. This makes it easy to remember the right height for your lawn after each mowing.


Lawn Mower Bag Capacity

  • For small and medium yards, keeping the yard clean is always the top goal.
  • If you use the mulching function to cut, not only will this create a messy yard, but it will also cause your lawn to grow very slowly and even become waterlogged if it rains heavily. It greatly affects the health of the lawn even though you mow it regularly.

  • Our advice is to use mowers with a grass collection bag. On average for a small yard, the volume will be about 10 gallons (35L) to fit the grass clippings.


Our Top Picks

You may think that to get the best lawn mowers, you have to spend a small amount of money. But in fact, there are many different price segments for you to choose the suitable products. Here are some examples of affordable corded electric lawn mowers:


In-Depth Reviews for Top 6 The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Under $100

1. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 – Best Overall

Product’s Specifications

  • Manufacturer: American Lawn Mower Company

  • Power: 1320 W

  • Weight: 20.28 Pounds

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Cutting Width: 14 Inches

  • Cutting Heights: 1 in - 2.5 in

  • Cutting Options: Rear discharge, Grass bag, and Mulching

Product’s Highlights

At this price range, we should not ask for too many features on a lawn mower. But we especially commend this machine for its exquisite design.

Low cost does not mean low quality. We can see the meticulousness in the design of this lawn mower.

The detail that gets the most compliments is its handle. The handle is very soft and padded ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable for long periods of cutting time. They are also designed to fold easily to save you storage space.

American Lawn Mower Company 1

Large wheels up to 7 inches make the mower can move easily on different types of terrain.

You can easily stop to rest and then resume mowing with the electric start system. With just a simple push of a button, the lawn mower will return to its working state immediately.


  • High cut quality

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable 

  • Beautiful and strong design


  • The grass bag getting full quickly


2. Sun Joe MJ400E – Best Budget

Product’s Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Snow Joe LLC

  • Power: 1440 W

  • Weight: 22 Pounds

  • Material: Alloy Steel

  • Cutting Width: 13 Inches

  • Cutting Heights: 0.98 in - 2.56 in

  • Cutting Options:  Grass bag, and Mulching

Product’s Highlights

If you own a small to medium-sized yard and your lawn mower needs are not too high (I mean needs for extra features), you love compact and lightweight lawn mowers for moving easily and maneuverability. Well, this is the best choice for you.

Light weight makes it easy to carry and lift if you want to move to another place.

Sun Joe MJ400E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Lawn Mower 1

The grass catcher bag has a relatively large capacity of up to over 9 gallons to help collect grass easily and keep the lawn clean.

Simple operation: Plug in and press the button to start mowing.


  • Compact mower

  • Very light and handy.

  • Easy to start

  • Quiet operation


  • Only 3 options for cutting height


3. Goplus 12 Amp – Best Lightweight

Product’s Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Goplus

  • Power: 1200W

  • Weight: 15 Pounds

  • Material: Steel, Plastic

  • Cutting Width: 14 Inches

  • Cutting Heights: 1 in - 2.2 in

  • Cutting Options: Mulching and Grass bag

Product’s Highlights

Using an electric lawn mower saves money on gas, oil, or important parts in the process of operating a gas mower. With Goplus 12 Amp lawn mower, you will certainly not feel the slightest difficulty in pushing them when mowing cause its weight is only 15 pounds.

Goplus 12 Amp - Best Lightweight Product’s Specificati

We were surprised by its weight, possibly one of the lightest motorized lawn mowers. Although not as powerful as gasoline-powered lawn mowers or others in the higher price segment, Goplus 12 Amp electric motor with 3600 RPM for the highest quality and balanced cuts.

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  • Foldable handle to store 

  • Value for budget

  • Lightweight and easy to handle

  • Easy to assemble


  • Adjust the height by removing the wheels


4. Safstar Electric Corded Push - Best Performance

Product’s Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Safstar

  • Power: 1200W

  • Weight: 20.5 Pounds

  • Material: Alloy Steel, Plastic

  • Cutting Width: 12.6 Inches

  • Cutting Heights: 0.8 in -  2 in

  • Cutting Options: Mulching and Grass bag

Product’s Highlights

The dual-switch electric start system is very safe to keep you away from the blade when starting gas-powered machines. The operation is very simple, just like high-end machines.

 Safstar Electric Corded Push

Overall, we think this is a really good and affordable lawn mower. There are some cons, but in this price range, we should not ask for too much.


  • Dual switch for safety starting

  • Folding up easily

  • Large capacity of grass bag

  • 4 smooth wheels 


  • Cleaning the floor is a bit difficult


5. BLACK+DECKER 3-in 1 Corded - Best Applications

Product’s Specifications

  • Manufacturer: ‎Black & Decker Outdoor

  • Power: 780 W

  • Weight: 10.2 Pounds

  • Material: Plastic

  • Cutting Width: 12 Inches

  • Cutting Heights: 1.6 in - 2.4 in

  • Cutting Options: Trimmer, Edger, and Mow

Product’s Highlights

The reason we include this machine in this analysis is its operating mechanism is like a normal lawn mower. Their main part is the trimmer and you can also remove it when you want to edge or connect with the mower deck to continue mowing.


Using the speed of the string to mow the lawn makes them able to reach 8000 RPM. With the automatic feed spool function, you don't need to stoop and stop every time it runs out of strings.

 BLACK+DECKER 3-in 1 corded

You can see the outstanding advantage of this cutter because of its compactness, but sometimes the cutting quality is not high, so it is only for small lawns, and those who like convenience.


  • Lightweight

  • Automatic feed spool 

  • Converts from mower to trimmer to edger


  • Cuts quality is not good


6. Dkelincs 12 Amp - Best Value

Product’s Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Dkelli

  • Power: 1440 W

  • Weight: 20.5 Pounds

  • Material: Alloy Steel, Plastic

  • Cutting Width: 13 Inches

  • Cutting Heights: 1 in - 2.4 in

  • Cutting Options: Grass collection bag

Product’s Highlights

With 5 height adjustment options, you're free to get creative right in your yard. Adjustment is easy with a lever built into the lawn mower body.

Although the appearance is not eye-catching, it still fully meets the features of a standard lawn mower. In particular, the grass bag has a capacity of over 10 gals.

Dkelincs 12 Amp

In general, the details are designed to be very complete and complete, suitable for all types of lawns.

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  • Powerful motor

  • Maneuverable

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to assembly


  • The cutting width is a bit small



1. How long do corded electric lawn mowers last?

With due usage and regular maintenance, corded electric lawn mowers will between 8 and 10 years. However, with some inconveniences such as extra cords, we recommend you change to a battery mower to face the power cuts every year.


2. What are the disadvantages of a corded electric lawn mower?

Their biggest disadvantage is limited range. You can fix it by buying more extra cords to connect, but it is still very inconvenient because the connection process is very time-consuming. In addition, you will be hurt if you trip on the rope on the field.


3. Can I put an electric lawn mower in the garden?

If you leave it in the garden, you should buy a cover to avoid the deterioration of the lawn mower materials. But above all, store them indoors to keep them longer.



Final Thought

Think carefully before buying a corded electric lawn mower as it may not be perfect for your lawn. Choosing many functions makes us unable to use all. In the long run, these functions will be broken and this becomes very wasteful. The best choice we have for you is the American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Lawn Mower. We believe that after this article you can choose the most suitable lawn mower for you

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