Merlyn Blackwood

Merlyn is a writer and lawn mower owner who knows how overwhelming it can be to choose the right lawn mower for your needs. She has researched and tested several lawn mower models over the years and understands what to look for when making a purchase. Merlyn enjoys reviewing the latest lawn mowers on the market and sharing her insights with others who are looking for the best mowing solutions.

Best Craftsman Lawn Mowers

Overview Craftsman lawn mowers are among the best on the market, featuring high-quality features such as efficient cutting systems, strong engines, and simple controls. These mowers are intended to create a well-manicured lawn with minimum effort, making them ideal for homeowners who wish to maintain their lawn without having to spend hours doing so. Our …

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How to Mow Your Lawn

Overview Mowing your lawn is an important job that may have an impact on its general health and attractiveness. Knowing how to mow your lawn properly will help minimize harm and encourage healthy growth. When mowing your lawn, consider the height of the grass, the frequency of mowing, the type of mower utilized, and the …

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